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Hey there-Just wanted to say thanks for helping me get into the adult business. I got my first job within 2 weeks of posting my profile with you. Since then I have received more than 10 job offers. I am getting my name out there and would of never been able to do it without you guys. Thanks again!

Just want to say amazing support. You guys really care about helping guys get started. I tried calling producers myself and got no where but being listed on your site helps me get exposure which is what you need. Your support team genuinely helped me with my profile and gave me tips and that really goes a long way with me. I will always stay with this site and let the offers keep coming in.

I have to say I was very skeptical when I first joined your site. I know its really hard to get into the adult film industry as a guy, and im not the best looking male out there. When your support said that employers hire all types of shapes, sizes, etc you were not kidding. I guess there is a niche even for guys like me. I am a member for life and think its great that you guys can help anyone get a job in this industry.

I have never given a testimonial before but wanted to say something to your company. I live in a very small town and had no idea that there was adult employers looking to film me. I guess the porn industry never sleeps. I got my first paying job within 3 weeks of registering with you and I was just contacted again for a second job with the company. I guess it really doesnt matter where you live in the world, there is something for everyone. Thanks for everything.

Hi SE. Just wanted to thank you for helping me out. I searched you guys online and wanted to try it out. I just turned 18 and wanted to find a good company to work with. Within 24 hours of posting my profile, I had multiple great offers from employers, one of which I signed a deal with. Cant thank you enough for helping me get my break :)

I am writing your support to tell you that I am still in disbelief. I did my very first film audition today and must say it was the easiest and most fun money I have ever made. i was contacted by an employer on your site for a 3 hour gig. They were great to work with and I got paid cash at the end of the filming. Cant believe I am actually getting paid to do this!

I have been a webcam model for 2 years and wanted to do real work with others instead of just by myself on cam. I searched the internet and researched to find that was highly recommended by a lot of people on forums and other sites of people just like me trying to enter the adult film industry. I created an account and a few days later I was getting offers from many employers. I have a shoot scheduled at the end of this week for $1500 cash for 3 hours of work. I am so exited to see how it turns out. I will post another email to you guys after and let you know how it goes. I am soooo greatfull for this.

I will keep this short and to the point-You guys are the best!! Easy to get jobs, great staff and support, I will recommend you to my friends. Getting to have sex with amazing girls and get paid for it. Sometimes I think im dreaming.

Want to say thanks for the great support and friendly staff

I just want to give my testimonial. I have never had a site provide as much talent as you guys. I dont know how you guys advertise so much, but you seem to have so much more than any one else. I have had great success with many of the talent I have hired off your site and continue to hire males and females for projects. Keep up the good work and keep pumping in new talent for me to hire!!